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Fish brooch


Image of Fish brooch
  • Image of Fish brooch

Inspired by nature, our line of creature brooches are exquisitely hand embroidered using artisanal skills and illustrative vintage appeal. The choice of materials and colours is mindfully selected creating organic textures that reveal a life like precious quality.
The designs are by sister duo Druti and Seema and are handmade in India with love and care by artisans who have learnt these skills through generations.
The unique range feature moths, butterflies, insects and marine life in vivid colours, painstakingly assembled by needle craft using an array of mixed materials and beads.
Druti and Seema also work closely with a non profit school for children to empower them with the gift of education, contributing in a small way with every product that they produce.
Each brooch is highly embellished with sequins, glass beads and embroidery thread. The second image shows the felt back and brooch pin and a size comparison with a standard size business card.