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Perpetua Lumina Pencil


Image of Perpetua Lumina Pencil
  • Image of Perpetua Lumina Pencil
  • Image of Perpetua Lumina Pencil

For years Italian company Alisea has recycled and reused its clients’ corporate materials to make promotional items. Our clients have always been a source of inspiration. So, when one of them asked us if we had any ideas for tons of graphite, a waste product that would cost them several thousand euros to dispose of, we thought:
“Why not “write” it away?”
Despite not being able to find a pencil manufacturer who would listen to us, at Alisea we were fascinated by this project. We formed a work group comprising two experts, one in materials and moulding, the other in automation, and two designers: together we made our dream come true.
The result was PERPETUA, a pencil made of 80% recycled graphite.
It is an invention, covered by a patent, with the following characteristics:
• It is non-toxic
• It is the first pencil to be made using 80% graphite that would otherwise be thrown away
• It doesn’t leave marks on your hands, even without any additional kind of protective varnish or further processing: what you see is what you get with Perpetua
• It doesn’t break if it is dropped; it can be sharpened in the usual way, but it writes even when blunt or cut in half
• The colored eraser is all part of the pencil, and is food-grade.
and in Perpetua Lumina the rubber captures and retains the sunlight and then shines in the dark with a progressively decreasing intensity. A charming and magical fluorescent light either blue or green, one that accompanies the hours of the night: an original detail for adults, a friend against the fear of the dark for the little ones.

PERPETUA® is designed by Marta Giardini.