• Image of Glory ring- bunny
  • Image of Glory ring- bunny
  • Image of Glory ring- bunny

These sterling silver rings are fabulous, each has its own miniature fauna standing, in all its glory, atop a mound of fake grass.
Glory rings have 'handsomepretty' stamped around the inside and they are available in:

small > UK size N
medium > UK size P
medium large > UK size Q
large > UK size S

see International ring sizing chart to work out a sizing you are familiar with

Porcelain is a very hardy ceramic and it will take normal wear. The little miniature creature is attached to the ring by a silver spike and an epoxy glue and so it is very very strong. Caution should still be taken not to drop or strike the ring on a hard surface. I have been wearing mine for 2 years, no problems. Avoid getting it wet. It will survive an accidental handwash or a bit of rain but should be treated as not waterproof.