• Image of Australian Magpie clay whistle paperweight
  • Image of Australian Magpie clay whistle paperweight

Unique, colourful and characterful, each Songbird paperweight depicts one of our favourite Australian birds.

Ethically hand-crafted using locally sourced clay then beautifully hand-painted, each Songbird paperweight comes presented with a story card and fabric gift pouch.

We have found that people are likely to fall into one of two camps when it comes to Magpies - those that love them, and those that loathe or fear them. Famous for their beautiful bird song and sharp intellect, infamous for their territorial swooping, the Magpie is an icon of the Australian urban and rural landscape.
LENGTH: 16CM - from tail to beak

Each songbird paperweight is hand-shaped from locally sourced clay and produced at the studio workshop of Songbird near Chiang Rai, Thailand.

• Featuring a single note whistle.
• Presented in a fabric bag with story card